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Investors' money increased 3350 times in 24 years.

Whoever bought the shares of Bajaj Finance and had patience, he earned a lot.

The share price of Bajaj Finance on NSC as on 15 October 2022 is Rs 7275.

On October 5, 2012, that means 10 years ago, this price was Rs 119.63/-

If you had taken shares worth Rs 1 lakh 10 years ago...

-today the price of those shares would have been above Rs 60 lakh.

Translated from Hi to En.

If you had bought Bajaj Finance shares worth Rs 1 lakh on August 21, 1998, today...

they would have been worth around Rs 35 crore 66 lakh.

From the beginning till now, this stock has made investors rich but...

The share of Bajaj Finance has declined 0.20% in the last 6 months.