The Best Sleeping Positions for Improving Your Health

2. The Fetal Position


The fetal position is a side sleeping position, but with bent legs curled in toward the body. It shares many of the same pros and cons of side sleeping. If you prefer the fetal position, make sure your posture is loose and relaxed when you curl up.

3. The back sleeping position

Sleeping on your back is the second most popular sleeping position. It can help with neck pain as long as your head and neck are in line with your body. Putting a small pillow at the nap of your neck can help with this. With no mattress or pillow against your face, the back sleeping position may also help prevent sleep wrinkles.

The back sleeping position may not be ideal for, pregnant people, especially in the second or third trimesters, people who snore or have sleep apnea, since sleeping on your side can make the airway more narrow, and people with some types of back pain. Try this for some extra support, put a thin pillow under your lower back or under your knees.

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